Simulation & Clinical Learning Center Innovation Project 

These videos were created by the SCLC Team in conjunction with the Instructional Design and Educational Technology Program at TAMU-CC to enhance student learning. Each module contains a brief overview, a short skills video, and embedded quiz questions to reinforce learning. Students will earn a certificate  once each module is successfully completed. These certificates can be used as proof of remediation, addition course content study, or other activities as approved by course faculty for their use. We hope you find these instructional and useful.

Module 1 

Use of Personal Protective Equipment 

Module 2

Suctioning a Tracheostomy

Module 3

Tracheostomy Care

Module 4

Starting a Peripheral IV Site

Module 5

Initiating IV Fluids

Module 6

Initiating Secondary IV Medications

Module 7

 Discontinuing IV Sites

Module 8

 Types of central lines

Module 9

central line dressing change

Module 10

postpartum assessment

Module 11

Newborn assessment

A special thank you to Dr. David Squires, Assistant Professor in the Instructional Design & Educational Technology Program 

Thank you to our Instructional Design students for their hard work on developing our modules: